PS752 Association

Help Us to Keep Up the Fight for Justice

Our path is not easy. This is an uneven battle for justice. One side with unlimited resources, unleashing an army of trained forces upon us, while we the mourning families of the victims of Flight PS752 continue to fight with limited resources, motivated only by the unbearable pain that has been inflicted upon us.

We have three main objectives; supporting the families of the victims, keeping the memories of our lost loved ones alive and most importantly, justice.

We tread this difficult path forward as we write letters, organize press conferences and meetings with officials, hold rallies, and mobilize over two hundred thousand supporters for three online petitions over the past year. We hold memorials for the victims, and hundreds of honorary members have put their trust in the Association of Families of Flight PS752 Victims.

To continue our fight for justice, we need the support of those whose hearts beat with us. Many volunteers, most of whom are families of the victims help us with our events but we need your financial support to continue forward.

We want to bring those behind this crime to justice at an impartial and fair international court. Every initiative requires the tools necessary to realize them and with it, the ongoing costs.

The first anniversary of the murder of our loved ones is soon approaching and we are working hard to do justice to their lives and memories with a dignified online event. Our website needs the necessary resources to bring the message across. We need expert lawyers and consultants to help us. We cannot do it alone.

So far, we the families of the victims have used our own financial means but we need support from you — the people who stand shoulder to shoulder with us along this long and painful journey.

Please assist our cause for justice for the victims of Flight PS752 by donating directly to the association using this GoFundMe campaign:

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