It Should Not Have Been Written 2

Flight PS752, which had taken off from Tehran International Airport at 6:12 AM on January 8th 2020, was supposed to land safely in Kyiv, Ukraine, hours later. The passengers should have gone home to their loved ones who were waiting for them. Those missiles should not have been fired, and this book “Should Not Have Been Written”, should not have needed to exist. Yet, all of these events occurred. After the missiles, life changed dramatically for many survivors and relatives. The families of the passengers were trapped in a complex web of pain, anger, and suffering, compounded by global political tensions, propaganda, and the manipulation and alteration of facts during legal proceedings in Iran, which not only failed to provide healing but became more painful and severe. This book is the second volume in the “It Should Not Have Been Written” series and attempts to document the untold perspectives and experiences of those closest to the tragedy, in their own words.

“It Should Not Have Been Written” is an effort to truthfully record events so that the perpetrators and commanders of this brutal tragedy cannot alter and falsify the narrative. It is a struggle against forgetting and the falsification of stories.

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