The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting

– Milan Kundera

The Association of Families of Flight PS752 Victims began its work by compiling and recording the biographies of the passengers and crew. The motivation and goal of the families, left with nothing but disbelief and anger, were to remember and honor the lives of one hundred and seventy-six precious souls, including an unborn child, who were targeted by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ missiles in the skies of Tehran on January 8, 2020.

In this context, a small book titled “An Open Wound in the Sky” was published on Amazon, consisting of notes from the survivors in the initial days and months after the tragedy, shared online.

A significant and impactful phase of the association’s official activities began when a group of families, especially grieving mothers, came together to ensure the memories and advocacy for their loved ones were recorded in the annals of history. With the generous support and compassion of Moniru Ravanipur, this effort turned into an effective memoir-writing workshop, resulting in the book “I’ll Call You When I Get to Kyiv.” The collective effort to capture precious moments of the dearest humans who had fallen victim to the vilest of beings continued under the compassionate leadership of Amir Hossein Yazdanbod and Hamed Esmaeilion. So far, this ongoing collective effort has produced three books titled “Shouldn’t Have Been Written 1 and 2” and “Red in the Embrace of the Sky,” published by the association.

The association is endeavoring to make these books widely available through various methods and introduce them to the public. One of these methods includes participating in cultural events in various cities around the world, discussing the books, and having the authors read excerpts, which started months ago and is still ongoing.

Published Books

It Should Not Have Been Written 2

  • The stories of families of Flight PS752
  • Edited by Amirhossein Yazdanbod
  • ISBN: 9781738745210
جلد کتاب نباید نوشته می‌شد ۲

Red in Embrace of the Sky

  • The stories of families of Flight PS752
  • Edited by Amirhossein Yazdanbod and Hamed Esmaeilion
  • ISBN: 9781738745227
جلد کتاب سرخ در آغوش آسمان / خاطرات بازماندگان پرواز ps752

It Should Not Have Been Written

  • The stories of families of Flight PS752 about planting a memorial tree in Shahedshahr
  • Edited by Amirhossein Yazdanbod and Hamed Esmaeilion
  • ISBN: 9781738745203
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The Lonely Fight for Justice

PS752, The Open Wound in the Sky

  • A compilation of families posts in social media
  • ISBN: 9798489941228
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