PS752 Association

The Association’s Statement on the Iranian people’s solidarity for justice on June 18

The Road to Justice is paved with Solidarity

Many Iranians have stood in solidarity with the families of the victims of flight PS752. Many have suffered consequences, persecution, harassment and entanglement with the unjust judiciary system in Iran. Many were imprisoned or their education and career paths interrupted. In the most recent act of solidarity with the victims’ families, many of the Iranian people decide to stand resolutely against those whose hands are stained with the blood of our country’s children. We express our gratitude to all who took action. We empathize with and apologize to all those who suffered in the hands of injustice. We are dismayed by our inability to help free them from the shameful claws of injustice and suffered unjust sentences and imprisonment.

Recently a person has been introduced as president who is among the culprits in the mass murder of flight PS752. On January 7 2020, he was a member of the Islamic Republic National Security Council who made the decision to keep the country’s civilian airspace open. He was in charge of an abhorrent judiciary system that obfuscated investigations and justice. He was party to a massive coverup that concealed the truth and distorted the facts. It is up to us to stand steadfastly in the cause to keep him in the list of international sanctions. It is up to us to unite in a call to the Canadian government to add him to the list of targeted sanctions against individuals with a track record of crimes against humanity. It is our responsibility to hold this individual accountable towards all of his crimes against the Iranian people over the past 42 years including that which resulted in the willful murder of 176 passengers aboard Ukrainian flight PS752.

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