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Details of the Meeting with Ambassador of Ukraine

Amirali Alavi, a member of the Association of Families of Flight #PS752 Victims, explained details of the virtual meeting with Hon. Ambassador of Ukraine. We raised several of our concerns including how the skies were kept open for commercial aircrafts amid the known tensions, the firing of two successive missiles, the initial cover-up for three days, and the atrocious treatment of the victims of Flight PS752 and their families – such as robbing the victims’ luggage and belongings, burning the remaining chattels, immediately destroying the crash site evidence from the first day, interventions in the memorial and burial ceremonies, and their persistent efforts in instating their accomplice lawyers to represent the families in a domestic complaint. The Ambassador of Ukraine expressed his strong frustration in Iran’s non-compliance with its own promise to deliver the black-box and assured us that Ukraine is not involved in any secret negotiation with Iran. He stated that all of the recent news has been fabricated by the Iranian government, which were an attempt to create disunity among the involved countries.

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