PS752-First Anniversary

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This event is over. You can find more information on this page. If you have any questions please contact us.

The Association of Families of Flight PS752 Victims will be holding a major memorial event on January 7 and 8 for the first anniversary of the murder of the innocent passengers of Flight PS752. This event will be streamed live on the Association’s YouTube channel, and it will start at 9:42 pm EST on January 7 – the exact moment that fateful flight took off last year.

The program schedule is as follows:

  • Jan 7, 9:42 pm EST — The event will start with a special 6-minute program followed by a collection of videos of prepared by the families of victims and dedicated to the victims
  • Jan 8, 1:00 am EST — Biographies of the victims will be read out throughout the night and morning hours
  • Jan 8, 11:00 am EST — A short movie of the children of the flight will be aired, followed by a collection of videos prepared by the families of victims
  • Jan 8, 2:00 pm EST — Toronto rally will take place in memory of the victims
  • Jan 8, 4:00 pm EST — The main event: musical performances, messages from political and academic figures in Canada, and speeches by the representatives of the Association in English and Farsi

The Toronto Rally will be held outdoors with consideration to the severe COVID-19 conditions, respecting the physical distancing measures and precautions. 176 members from the families of the 176 victims will walk from the University of Toronto’s Front Campus towards the City Hall. We hope to stream the 4:00 pm event live at the gathering location at the City Hall.

Respecting the physical distancing guidelines, participation at this rally is allowed for the public. The Association kindly asks all participants to refrain from using any speakers, flags, signs, or images other than the pictures of the victims of Flight PS752. This day will be a difficult and bitter day for the families of victims, and the families are hoping to hold this event in solemn order and peace.

Similar rallies might also take place in other cities across the world. In Frankfurt, Germany, the event details are as follows:
Frankfurt am Main
An der Hauptwache
Freitag den 08.01.21
Um 17:00 Uhr

Our recommendation for these events is to walk from the central university of each city to the city centres on January 8 following COVID-19 guidelines. We would like to sincerely thank everyone for standing alongside the families in memory of the victims of this horrific and unforgettable crime.

On this anniversary, wherever I am, #IWillLightACandleToo.

Live stream

Events will be live streamed the PS752Justice YouTube channel.

Live Stream

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