JusticeRally – Justice is Not Negotiable – Toronto

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6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Toronto – Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto


JusticeRally - Justice is Not Negotiable - Toronto

The Association of Families of Flight PS752 Victims will be hosting a rally in Toronto on August 5 to once again express our firm belief that “Justice is Not Negotiable”. The march will begin at 6:00 PM (ET) at Queen’s Park and end at Nathan Phillips Square. The organizers will take precautions to ensure social distancing and masking, considering the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The rally is part of the Association’s ongoing actions to demand Canada hold the Iranian regime accountable for the downing of Flight PS752.

The date, August 5th, coincides with the inauguration of the new president of the Islamic Republic, Ebrahim Raisi. Mr. Raisi is a key member of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran, which was the entity that made the decision to keep the airspace open on 8 January 2020, according to Canada’s forensic report. Mr. Raisi has also overseen the judicial system in Iran as the country’s Chief Justice. In this capacity, he has systematically blocked all paths to truth and justice for victims of PS752 by exonerating the top military and government officials, while arresting and incarcerating protestors who spoke against the perpetrators of this crime.

Eighteen months after this horrific event, we have yet to see real pressure on the Iranian regime and an appropriate level of international condemnation of the regime for its actions. Therefore, the demands we will be marching for include:

The RCMP immediately launch a domestic criminal investigation to seek truth and identify the true perpetrators of the crime;

The Government of Canada lead the negotiations with Iran and, as soon as it is clear that negotiation will not result in full disclosure of the true facts and proper prosecutions of all individuals responsible, or that Iran is not engaging in good faith to provide satisfactory answers in a timely manner, appeal through the relevant mechanisms to the International Civil Aviation Organization and the International Court of Justice;

The ICAO Council, including Canada, condemns the Iranian regime in the strongest terms for the crimes committed and breaches of ICAO conventions.

We will continue to stand for our demands and we will continue rallying across the world to seek the truth and justice for our loved ones. We strongly urge the international community to support us and hold The Islamic Republic of Iran to account for the unforgivable atrocity of downing flight PS752. Justice is NOT negotiable. We will never forget and we shall never forgive.

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