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The Association’s statement on the referral of the PS752 case to the International Civil Aviation Organization by four affected countries

Yesterday, the third legal action against the Islamic Republic of Iran has been initiated for its criminal actions of shooting down Ukrainian Flight PS752 and the willful murder of its innocent civilian passengers and crew. Previously, the Association had unilaterlly filed a legal case before the International Criminal Courts. Last July, the four affected countries’ case before the International Court of Justice was officially filed and now, another case is before the most important civil aviation organization that is responsible for the safety of civilian passengers around the world. We express our sincere gratitude to the governments of Canada, United Kingdom, Ukraine and Sweden, as well as their legal teams who have meticulously prepared this case.

From the outset, the Islamic regime has persisted with deceit, flawed reports and baseless claims that it has satisfied international organizations such as the ICAO. The time has now come to remedy the suffering of the victims’ families by revealing the truth. We ask the members of the ICAO council to use every means at their disposal to hold the Islamic regime accountable for its actions. We ask the president of the ICAO to please help put an end to crimes of this kind before his mandate ends. 176 innocent human beings and an unborn child were the victims of war mongers in a tyrannical and corrupt regime. The truth must be revealed. The details of this heinous crime must be disclosed as every day that passes, the suffering of so many who have lost their loved ones becomes more unbearable. 

The Association eagerly welcomes this necessary action to officially initiate the process and we all hope that this important path and the concurrent legal proceedings will lead to the truth, accountability, and justice. We hope that resolute action by official, agency and government involved will lead to ending the assault of criminal states against civil aviation and that the fate of Flight PS752 will never be repeated. 

We sincerely thank everyone around the world who helped us keep the memory of the victims of flight PS752 alive by lighting candles and participating in memorial events. Your support gives us strength to continue the fight for justice. We shall never falter in our resolve

We shall never forget those who ordered and carried out these heinous crimes, nor shall we ever forgive them.

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