Statement of the Association of Flight PS752 Victims on the Death of Ebrahim Raisi

On January 8, 2020, Ebrahim Raisi was a member of the Islamic Regime’s National Security Council. He not only played a role in keeping the skies open to civilian aviation and the firing of missiles upon flight PS752, but he also praised the IRGC forces for their actions and subsequently did everything in his power to deny the victims’ families any justice and the truth.

Previously, he was infamously known as the Death Judge. He played a major role as one of the three-judge panel in 1988 that sentenced many to execution in what was recorded in Iranian history as a crime against humanity. He was also responsible for many other crimes, such as the 1998 mass killings of peaceful protestors, the Bloody November massacres, and the vicious crackdown on the Woman, Life, Freedom revolution.

The Association organized one of its first protest rallies in Canada on the day that Ibrahim Raisi began his tenure as the President of the Islamic Regime. In August of 2021, thousands responded to the Association’s invitation and took to the streets in Toronto to condemn the appointment of such a criminal.

We vehemently sought to bring him to justice for his crimes in a fair trial so that he could face the consequences of his heinous actions. We feel that we are robbed of such an opportunity, but we are not sorry about his death. We shall never forget the murderers of Iran’s children, nor shall we ever forget.

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