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The Statement of the Association condemning the Islamic Regime’s barbaric execution sentence against Toomaj Salehi, and the escalation of brutal repression against Iranian women

Over the past several weeks, the Islamic Republic Regime has escalated a violent rampage against the women of Iran. The IRGC, which is the regime’s principal apparatus against Iran’s civil society, has been unleashed with increasing ferocity upon the brave Iranian women on the streets. For nearly forty-five years, and especially since the Woman, Life, Freedom movement, the women of Iran have remained the flag bearers of resistance against injustice, discrimination, and religious tyranny. Mass arrests, violent attacks, sexual harassment and assault and unbearable psychological repression have been widely reported. The women’s own accounts, along with images from citizen journalists, report countless incidents of brutality that have both enraged society and cemented its resolve for resistance.

Today, with the regime’s passing of an execution sentence against Toomaj Salehi, Iran’s rapper and voice of the freedom movement, the world and the people of Iran witness yet another image of corruption and tyranny in the Islamic Regime. Toomaj represents a generation that says no to tyranny and oppression, teaching us steadfast resistance and hope. His persecution is the persecution of life itself.

We ask the world to use every means possible to help reduce the unbearable pressure upon Iran’s civil society by officially listing the IRGC as a terrorist organization.

We stand in support of the protest rallies that have been organized over the coming weekend in cities around the world and join the call to free Toomaj Salehi and express our solidarity with the brave women of Iran. We invite the people of the world to join these rallies and lend your voice to the cause.

We shall never forget those who ordered the repression of Iranian women and those who carried out those orders, and the regime’s judges of death, nor shall we ever forgive.

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