PS752 Association

The Statement of the Association on the Islamic Regime’s warmongering

The war mongers of the Islamic regime and the IRGC think only of their own survival and continuation of their reign of power.  Their recent military adventurism by unleashing hundreds of drones and missiles demonstrates their blatant disregard for innocent civilian lives. Flight PS752 with 177 innocent civilian passengers, countless youth who were murdered, maimed, and imprisoned, the brave Iranian women who suffer inhumane pressures by the regime, and so many innocents who were executed, are the primary targets of this evil regime. 

The Islamic regime has put Iran and millions of Iranians in danger of war with a shameless disregard for their safety and security. The people of Iran deserve to live in peace and prosperity. In war, innocent civilians will suffer most and the Islamic regime will find more opportunities to brutally suppress civil society. 

The world needs to stand up to the war mongering policies of the Islamic Republic regime, designate the IRGC in the list of terrorist organizations, bring to justice all regime officials who commit crimes against the people of Iran, and support Iranian civil society to overcome this brutal regime. We shall never forget the murderers of Iran’s children, nor shall we ever forget.

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