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Unveiling our new Wiki feature

We’re excited to announce a significant enhancement to our online platform. We have introduced a Wiki page powered by MediaWiki, now accessible at

This project marks a pivotal step in our efforts to streamline content management on the web. It is especially useful for crucial documents like our investigative analysis on Flight PS752, which was previously available solely in PDF format. By transitioning to a Wiki format, we aim to improve accessibility for search engines and AI tools. This will facilitate the broader dissemination of vital information.

The Wiki page will serve as a dynamic hub for maintaining up-to-date information on various aspects of the Flight PS752 incident. It will provide a comprehensive resource for researchers, journalists, and legal professionals. Additionally, it will serve as a central reference point for anyone seeking detailed insights into the tragedy.

At the heart of our association’s mission lie the twin objectives of seeking truth and pursuing justice. This new Wiki feature aligns seamlessly with these core principles. It empowers us to advance our cause with greater efficacy and impact.

We invite you to visit and explore this valuable resource. Your support is instrumental as we continue our journey toward uncovering the truth and advocating for justice in the aftermath of Flight PS752.

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