Amir Hossein Ovaysi

Amir Ovaysi was born in 1978 at Kermanshah, Iran. He was a talented individual with degrees and certificates in aviation. Amir was a gifted student and received a diploma in Physics and Mathematics, early in his youth although he was gravitated toward careers in engineering by his parents, he was an animal lover and according to his brother, he cared for many pets, from different types of hawks to a variety of fish. He had a deep interest in biology and veterinary medicine due to altruism toward animals.

Amir chose Civil Aviation Technology College at Tehran Mehrabad airport for undergrad and received bachelors in aeronautics and aircraft engineering. He continued higher education with masters in mechanical engineering at Shahroud University. His primary domain was in engineering and project management but was also very active in cultural and social fields. He was an advocate of Dialogue Amongst Civilizations led by one of the Iranian politicians at the time, but soon he felt discouraged.

Amir married Sara Hamzeei in 2009 and these two sweethearts celebrated the birth of their daughter, Asal in 2012. Amir established a consultation-engineering firm he was managing several projects such as supervising Payame Noor University and many other organizations. Ultimately, like many talented young Iranians, Amir, Sara and Asal immigrated to Canada. Amir was working for Smith Energy Inc at Ontario.

Amir Hossein Ovaysi is known as one of the founding members of Civil Aviation Technology College association of former student’s alumni. The PS752 bitter and unfortunate fate in the plane crash is a heavy grief on the shoulders of many of his classmates in the aviation industry. Amir, Sara and Asal traveled to Iran for holidays. The beautiful family boarded the plane for their home on the morning of December 9, 2020.

We remember them dearly

This is for Asal:

my beautiful Asal. Not many people know your daddy was one of the best aeronautic engineers in Iran. I deeply feel bad to lose you in such a tragic incident. We failed you and other families, because they replaced us with unprofessional people in Iranian Aviation; and I personally fail you again, because the 737 was not strong enough to protect you.

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