Saharnaz Haghjoo

Sahar Haghjoo was born on July 23rd, 1982 in Tehran, Iran to loving parents, Shahnaz and Habib Haghjoo. Sahar was loved deeply from the moment she arrived into this world. As a toddler, she had an adorable lisp & spoke so sweetly that she became known as a little princess with a tongue that dripped honey. When the Haghjoo family immigrated to Ireland, she began elementary school there and though the land, language and culture was foreign to her, still she flourished. As a little child she found friends everywhere and was deeply loved. Her sweetness ran much deeper than charisma though. One Halloween, when her sister was left regretting having finished her candy, Sahar didn’t think twice before splitting her own bag with her. Her kindness, selflessness and compassion extended to her family and strangers alike. She would clean to surprise her mother and cut up fruits for her father after a long day’s work. In the fall of 1994, Sahar entered ninth grade at Bayview secondary school. Even as a young hijab clad Muslim Canadian, she was so deeply admired by her classmates for her confidence (she was one of the few hijabi women in her school) and wide-eyed admiration of the world around her.

She moved to Iran after achieving her bachelor’s degree in Business from York University and working in Toronto to rediscover her roots and visit family. Unexpectedly, she ended up finding a job there as an English speaking news anchor and established a respectable career that she thrived in for nine years before deciding to come back to her home in Canada. By this time she had married her loving husband, Siamak, and had a beautiful little girl; Elsa. The family shone, Elsa bounced around with the same radiance, charisma and love that her mother had and Siamak was a proud father and husband. In Canada, Sahar and Siamak worked hard to create a bright future for Elsa. Sahar was overjoyed to find a career with the YWCA, helping refugee women settle in Canada. She excitedly would tell her family often how much she loved what she did, her voice full of emotion whenever she did.

She was so nurturing, and loved feeding the family and entertaining on the weekends. And always spoke about how lucky we are to have a big, loving family. She was excited to expand her family.

She really had a zest for life and always joked that she planned to live past the age of 100 because she was so happy in life.

She truly embodied all attributes that define true humanity. She was blind to all racism and any sort of prejudice. She dedicated so much of her time and money and energy to help those around her and those in need. Whether it was through giving weekly rides to a number of elderly ladies or trying to direct anyone to potential job opportunities when they were looking for employment. Despite choosing a very frugal lifestyle for herself, she was extremely generous when it came to helping others. She would provide financial support for people in need, was a member of many charity organizations and took the lead in fundraisings for various philanthropic and non-profit organizations.

In her last few years, she greatly focused on gratitude, practicing and spreading positive energy and taught Elsa to do the same.

Sahar radiated a light that never went out, something intrinsic to who she was as a daughter, mother, sister and wife.

Sahar Haghjoo’s compassion, love and energy was truly unmatched. Her legacy will forever remain in the hearts of those who knew her.

Elsa Jadidi and Saharnaz Haghjoo - Selfie

Elsa Jadidi and her mother, Saharnaz Haghjoo

Elsa Jadidi and Saharnaz Haghjoo

Saharnaz Haghjoo and her daughter, Elsa Jadidi on the beach
Saharnaz Haghjoo, Elsa Jadidi - restaurent
Elsa Jadidi and her mother, Saharnaz Haghjoo enjoying nature

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