Elsa Jadidi

Elsa Jadidi was no ordinary 8-year-old child. She, as many would say-was an angel from heaven.

Elsa spent her short time on earth brightening the life of every soul she interacted with. Whether they were younger than her, older than her or the same age, Elsa had a unique ability to connect with people of all ages. In fact, many described her as an “old soul.” This was evident in her interactions and close friendship with her 55-year-old neighbor. Elsa spent a lot of time, with Margaret, often going for walks with her, and eating alongside her. It never seemed to phase either one of them, that their relationship had a 47-year difference. Elsa made a lasting impact on her teachers as well. They were touched by her kindness and love for others. Her Principal described her as someone that was “angelic” someone that she knew was different than the rest. Elsa would always give her Principal a hug every single day, gently reminding her that she was loved and not forgotten.

Her friends describe her as kind, full of life, and compassionate. Many remember their fond memories of Elsa telling them stories and making them laugh. Her ability to connect to your inner core attracted many to her. Elsa not only showed compassion and generosity, but she exemplified the true essence of leadership, even at such a young age. In school, Elsa would include the new student who was left out in class and invite him/her to play so that the other students would follow in her footsteps. Her kindness trumped all else even if it meant she had to sacrifice something she desired since she prioritized other people’s happiness over her own.

Her family members were convinced that Elsa would do great things. She wouldn’t just be an ordinary citizen, but rather her diplomatic nature definitely had politics within her sight.

Elsa, the only daughter to Sahar had a strong bond, with her mother, and their relationship was no ordinary mother-daughter relationship. Elsa was a carbon copy of her mother Sahar and embodied all of her mother’s positive attributes. She made people laugh, she helped those in need and she had an infectious smile.

Sahar and Elsa were so social and friendly, it was impossible that they would attend an event and go anywhere without making new friends. New friends, that would be touched forever, embraced by the love and kindness of an Angel.

Sadly, these two beautiful souls tragically left this world, victims of the Ukrainian plane crash, on January 8th, 2020. Their souls were taken back to God, only to live in Heaven eternally.

“If hatred knocks at your door, greet it with a smile, but tell it, it has come too late for love is already having tea.”

Elsa Jadidi with her new toy

Elsa Jadidi and Saharnaz Haghjoo - Selfie

Elsa Jadidi and her mother, Saharnaz Haghjoo

Elsa Jadidi and Saharnaz Haghjoo

Elsa Jadidi - gallery photo

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