Write to Officials

Thank you for your ongoing solidarity and support.

Now it’s the time to stand with the people in Iran against the brutal regime that murders innocent civilians every day.

As “Canada / France/ Germany / Norway / Sweden / United Kingdom / United States” residents, we urge the officials in these countries to support Iran’s courageous people in their fight for freedom through any means possible.

Here are the steps to send an email regarding this matter to the elected officials of your residence:

  1. Enter your full name (it will be copied to the end of the letter)
  2. Enter your “Country” and your “Postal/ZIP Code”
  3. A Message with the appropriate recipients will be generated for you
  4. Click on “Copy Message” then click on “Send Email” to launch your email client
  5. Use the email client from your device and send the email from there

If the above does not work, try the other “Send Email” buttons under the Default one.

If none of these works, manually paste the email message and send to the shown recipient’s email.

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