#JusticeRally – Justice For PS752 Mass Murder

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This event is over. You can find more information on this page. If you have any questions please contact us.

We never forget, We never forgive

On the fifth of October, 176 family members of the victims of flight PS752 will hold a rally in nine cities around the world with three basic demands;

  1. The condemnation of the Islamic Republic of Iran by the ICAO.
  2. Immediate disclosure of all information that the coalition of 5 countries have about this crime.
  3. A call on the coalition of 5 countries to immediately devise and implement a “roadmap to justice”.

We rely on the people, our supporters who share our pain and grief. We call on all who support our cause to join us online in this rally that is being held in compliance with the COVID-19 health and safety regulations. Justice without the truth is unattainable.

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Events will be live streamed on all location here in

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