Political Sponsorship

What Is It And Why Is It Important?

Some members of the German Parliament (Bundestag) have now taken on “Political Sponsorship” for the prisoners in Iran.
This means that they stand up for all prisoners in Iran, but specifically for the prisoner they sponsor (specially those at execution risk). The “Political Sponsors” from any country/region can inform the press and social media about the situation of the prisoner. They put pressure on the regime by following up the prisoner’s status and standing up for him or her.
Here are the steps to send an email to demand the elected officials of your residence to volunteer for “Political Sponsorship”.

  • Enter your full name (it will be copied to the end of the letter)
  • Enter your “Country” and your “Postal/ZIP Code”
  • A Message with the appropriate recipients will be generated for you
  • Use the email client from your device (e.g gmail) and send the email from there
If the above does not work, manually paste the email message and send to the shown recipient’s email.

In case you cannot find the representative name, probably they have accepted the political sponsorship for some prisoners already.

Current Sponsors

Felix Döring
Member of German Bundestag
Fayegh Hosseinpour

Ken Hardie
Member of Canadian Parliament
Behnam Ohadi 49

Waiting for Sponsorship

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Contact us

To inform us about prisoners at execution risk or sponsors, please send an email to political-sponsorship@ps752justice.com

You can also fill out a form in Farsi here or English here

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