The Association’s Statement on the Anniversary of the Murder of Mahsa Amini and the Start of the Woman Life Freedom Revolution

One year ago on this day, a 22-year-old girl called Mahsa Jina Amini who had travelled to Tehran from the city of Saghez in the province of Kurdistan, was arrested and murdered by agents of the Islamic regime under a false charge of “unsuitable clothing”. The world reacted in anger and from that day on, Mahsa Amini became the daughter of the entire nation of Iran.

A massive, progressive movement erupted in Iran that the world now knows as the Woman, Life, Freedom Revolution. Women bravely tore the forced head covering from their heads and many young Iranians joined the revolution. Artists stood at the front lines of the movement and civil organizations and activist inside Iran and abroad, supported the revolution. 

The world bowed in respect for the bravery and resilience of Iranians while initially the West faltered in its usual support and appeasement of the criminal oppressors of the Iranian people. Savage oppression of peaceful protestors continued inside Iran. Since then, over 600 innocent civilians were murdered by the Islamic regime, many were blinded by direct shots, at least seven of Iran’s bravest children were summarily executed, serial chemical attacks on children’s schools were sanctioned by the Islamic regime, thousands, including artists, victim’s families and protestors were thrown in prisons. Ultimately the regime resorted to support from China and Russia with policies that grossly undermine Iran’s national interests, to convince the west that the revolution will not succeed.

What is important however, is that democratic nations and the people of the world understand that the people of Iran have turned away from the Islamic regime and do not want the hellish reign of that state. Yes, we mourn in sorrow and pain, but our resolve and resilience shall not falter. Yes, we mourn the murders of thousands of our children and youth, but we shall continue to expose the crimes of this regime. Yes, we shall not falter as we insist on our rightful demands that have been repeated over and over during this painful year.

  1. Canada and any other country must not be a safe haven for the officials of the Islamic regime and their families. Foreign interference in Canada is a real and present danger. We expect that the representatives and dependants of the Islamic Republic regime be considered as persona non grata and expelled from this country without delay.
  2. The Islamic Revolutionary Guards corps is a terrorist organization and has no place in the future of Iran. This nefarious organization must be placed on the list of terrorist organizations.
  3. To welcome and support Iranian refugees and those who were injured by the Islamic regime, and have taken shelter in the neighbouring countries, is a common duty for all of us. We demand that all democratic nations issue visas to them instead of permitting the current or past criminal elements of the Islamic regime, into their countries. We ask that the refugee claims of Iranians be processed and accepted speedily. 
  4. Iranian diaspora organizations and institutions need support in their efforts to provide free and unhindered access to internet inside Iran. The free world must assist in providing free internet to all Iranians who suffer behind the Islamic regime’s iron curtain of oppression and censorship. 
  5. We collectively demand the immediate and unconditional release of all victims’ families, from prisons. We ask democratic nations that if they still intend to maintain relations with the Islamic Republic regime, they must include the release of political prisoners, and those who seek justice, as their top demand. 

The Woman, Life, Freedom revolution has brought hope to a nation. The hope for freedom, the hope for justice for victims, and the hope to solve the dire environmental conditions of their country. This revolution will only succeed in the hands of Iranians but the support of democratic nations around the world can help building a bright future for Iran and the Middle East region.

Today we shall cry out the names of every single victim of that brutal regime, and demand justice for every single one of the victims over the past 45 years. We shall remain resolute and continue to resist no matter how long and unbearable our fight for justice is. We shall continue to fight until the day that the children of Iran can breath the air of freedom in their country and their dreams of justice will be realized. We fight for that day to come and shall continue our united efforts until that day arrives. We will never forget, nor shall we ever forgive.

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