Sadaf Hajiaghavand

Sadaf Hajiaghavand was born on December 7, 1992 in Tehran, the only child in an educated family. With her departure, her father’s heart is left with an eternal sigh, her mother’s heart with an eternal wait.

She was a happy and energetic child, in love with the sea. She’d dip into the cold water of the pool and a few minutes later she’d come up somewhere further off.

“There’s no competition, Sadaf! Blink and you’ll get to the finish line.”

Sadaf played the piano. She’d leaf through the sheets of music to get to the beginning of a piece. A deep breath, and then the sound of music. She’d blink and the last lines would disappear. In swimming contests, she was top in her school and top in the whole of the district. She liked to learn languages but didn’t want to take English classes. She’d watch films and TV serials, and read books, and had no need of a tutor for the English exams. She got good marks in the exams, which would later help her in Canada.

In high school, Sadaf decided to major in mathematics. After that, she enrolled in Azad University’s architecture program. In the spring of 2016 she decided to emigrate to Canada. Her studies were over, and she wanted to explore a new land. York University became her host.

“There’s no competition, Sadaf! Blink and you’ll get to the finish line.”

Sadaf chose to major in human resource management. At the same time, she was hired by Hyundai, after many trials. For the past two years, she worked as a stylist and sales specialist with Christine Dior.

Sadaf was full of life. She was kind, tasteful and funny. She was present in all sorts of crowds, brought amazement to others and gave them energy. She liked looking at paintings; it was the beauty and the light that got to her. If someone needed help, she would give it, be they her friends or even strangers she didn’t know.

Walking around on the cold streets of Toronto, she’d sometimes stop to observe a little pet and ask the owner its name. She spoke of a place she knew, full of animals, without shelter. Sadaf’s best friends were squirrels and birds.

“There’s no competition, Sadaf! Blink and…”

Her mother was alone in Tehran. Last January, when she visited Iran, she told her mother: “I’ll come back to Iran, Mom. I’ll come back before Persian New Year in March and stay with you. I’ll come back and help the ladies in the animal shelter. I’ll bring vaccines for the dogs. I’ll come back to help these kids, that girl I bought the daffodils from.”

“No competition… Sadaf… No…”

Translator: Arash Azizi
Editor: Hannah Somerville
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